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Risks of Performing Cunnilingus with an Escort

Cunnilingus entails oral sex that is performed by one person on another person’s – a female – genitalia which includes the vagina, vulva, and clitoris. Because the mouth comes into direct contact with the genitalia, the performer is at risk of getting infected with an array of diseases. Here are the risks of performing cunnilingus with an escort:

1. Cunnilingus could lead you into contracting throat cancer

According to Otis Brawley, Chief Medical Officer at American Cancer Society MD, you can contract throat cancer by performing cunnilingus on an individual harboring the HPV (Human Papillomavirus) which can be easily be passed from one person to the next. Research has shown that some types of the HPV virus are capable of causing tonsil and oropharynx cancer.

2. You can acquire any STI through Cunnilingus

It is easier to get infected with an STI through performing oral sex on the female genitalia than the male genitalia. Unlike the male genitalia which would pass the pathogens through an ejaculation, the female genitalia is always covering with the vaginal fluid. This means you’re readily exposed to the pathogens when you make the slightest contact with the vaginal fluid. Unless you use some forms of barriers such as the dental dam, you stand a higher chance of being infected by any STI the escort may be harboring. Sadly, there aren’t many means of protecting yourself from infections when performing cunnilingus.

3. Mechanical trauma to your tongue

The underside of your tongue (the lingual frenulum) is highly vulnerable to ulceration especially during the sustained friction experienced during cunnilingus. The ulceration is normally horizontal because it is a result of friction between the surface of the tongue and the lower edge of your lower front teeth in addition to the fact that the tongue is forced to assume a more forward position. The lesion tends to resolve in seven or ten days but may resurface with repeated performances of cunnilingus. Chronic ulceration on the tongue causes linear fibrous hyperplasia.

4. Performing cunnilingus on menstruating escort can pass to you any blood infection, including Hepatitis

Blood can host a significant number of infectious pathogens including the HIV, Parvovirus B19, West Nile Virus, and Hepatitis Virus. It is harder to avoid menstrual blood when performing cunnilingus.

5. Beware of the urine parasites

Some of the parasites that live in the urinary tract such as the Trichomonas vaginalis and Schistosoma haematobium begin accumulating at the urethral opening which is located immediately above the vaginal opening. Engaging in cunnilingus with an infected individual can put you at risk of contracting them.

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