My Upside Down Life Since I Left Beckenham Escorts

By | May 18, 2021

Yes, I know that it is in to stay on to become a mature escort in London these days, but after a good career with Beckenham escorts of and other couple of escort agencies in London, I felt that it was about time that I changed my life. More than anything I wanted to get out of escorting for very personal reasons. No matter how hard that I had tried, I could not help but falling in love with one of my dates at the escort agency in Beckenham. It took me a while to realise that this guy was not going to change his life, and the only thing that I could do, was really to leave the escort agency.


Everything came to a ahead rather suddenly. I felt that I needed to leave to leave Beckenham escorts to preserve my own sanity if you know what I mean. Yes, I enjoyed seeing him, but every time that we met, I feel a little bit more in love with him.  I started to become depressed when it finally struck me that I would not be able to have this wonderful man in my life, and a week later, I left the escort agency in Beckenham. I need to strike out on my own and start life all over again.


I had my own place, but I was not sure what to do with my career after Beckenham escorts. Rather than sitting around moping and crying into my tea, I started to declutter my apartment. During my time with the escort agency,  I had really cluttered up the place, and now I wanted to get rid of all of the stuff. It was during the autumn all of this happened, so I did not want to stand out on cold car boot sales sites, so I started to list stuff on eBay instead. I had not really expected to make a lot of money, but I was pleasantly surprised. Not only was my stuff very popular, and I was forever running to the post office, I also made rather a lot of money.


After about a month, I checked out how much money I had made on selling my stuff on eBay, and I had made about £2,500. I really got a kick out of it as most of the stuff that I had sold on eBay had come from charity shops in then local area. How much money had I spent on buying the stuff? When I worked out that I had spent less than £500, I realised that I may have a nice little business going on. It was not ling before I was out scouring the local charity shops trying to find more stuff to sell.


That was how I became on eBay trader. My former girls at Beckenham escorts could not really believe what was happening to me. Even though I was not working for Beckenham escorts anymore, I did take the time out to spend with the girls from the escorts agency. They were a little bit surprised as well, but they thought it was a neat idea. Best of all, my work ha sorted my head out a little bit, and I had more or less forgotten about my wonderful man I had met during my escort career. I decided not to go back to escorting, but instead I would focus on being an eBay trader. So far it is going great, and here days when I wish that I would have  done it ages ago.

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